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In his timely and compelling new book, pastor and author Dennis Rouse uncovers evidence of the racial inequalities that have plagued the United States and confronts the ways the white-majority church has—often unknowingly—ignored and even supported systems that have brought suffering to their brothers and sisters of color.  

Having lived in the South and led a multi-ethnic church in the Atlanta area for three decades, Rouse reflects on his own cultural baggage and transparently shares his journey of listening, learning and even repenting for historic wrongs whose repercussions affected the lives of those he loved.

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Well-researched and written with both grace and conviction, One is not simply a critique of racism and injustice, but a call to action to build bridges of reconciliation on both personal and community levels that reflect the beauty of the gospel in a broken world.

Rouse challenges readers to examine these issues in the light of Scripture, calling the church to build a “kingdom culture” that transcends biases, preferences and even political loyalties and instead fosters unity and healing in the body of Christ.  

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What People Are Saying About Different Dennis Rouse Books On...
I just want to say being a newly joined member to Victory World church this book really guides you back to focus as a Christian. Often we get tangled in our own webs of living we must rededicate our spiritual to the gains we seek for Christ versus self. I am happy I read this book hopefully my small group doesn’t get mad I finished but I honestly couldn’t put it down. Great job Pastor Rouse!!

Netanjea R.
Pastor Dennis' first book represents his life's work and is phenomenal. His style of writing is personable and relatable, and with true stories, the transparency in the book is refreshing and encouraging! Anyone who is curious about what it truly means to move beyond a believer and become a disciple -- not just what the popular culture may reflect -- will benefit from reading. Highly recommended!
Vanessa B.
An easy read for what may be a hard message for some to hear. Very real and practical steps for believers to take to make the intentional transition from being a believer to a disciple, a disciplined follower of Christ.
Dilworth 81

I’ve known Dennis for over 25 years, mentored him, spoken at his church, and had many conversations with him about the subject of this book ONE. Right now America and the world are coming to a tipping point in race relations and this message is vital to help bring solutions and healing to the racial divide. Don’t run from this message, let it transform how you think and act when it comes to creating equality for everyone!

John Maxwell
Dr. Sam Chand

A few years ago, following Charlottesville, the world watched a viral video as anolder white man repented ,asked for forgiveness and washed the feet of a young black man. That was Dennis. What the world hasn’t seen is how this man has done that same action daily to all the men and women around him, regardless of race or color. He lives it and breathes it and gets it, and now I’m glad he’s finally written about it. Keep in mind, nobody gets it right every time; but ultimately, the goal is to get it.

Montell Jordan
Benny Perez

Simply, I love Dennis and Colleen Rouse. ONE is not a book. It is an authentic manifestation of who they are. I have known Dennis since the early ‘90s and have experienced their journey vicariously. I started crying in the first chapter. You will be encouraged, challenged even confronted. But the outcome will be ONE.

Sam Chand
Dave Travis

I’m proud of my friend, Dennis Rouse, for having the courage to write, One: Healing the Racial Divide. In this timely and significant message, Pastor Dennis advocates for reconciliation while confronting the racial issues that need to be addressed so that we can heal as a nation and become stronger together.

John Bevere
Dave Travis

Let me be blunt. There is no issue which needs to be talked about as forthrightly and clearly as racism. There is no organization which needs to spearhead the dialogue more than the church. The church is uniquely positioned to speak about justice and righteousness. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Frequently preached, these are the bookends to resolving the systemic issues of race. However, the church has been silent too long on the issue. Dennis Rouse is the exception, he has lived in the middle of it and has spoken clearly about it. ONE should be required reading for every person!

Gerald Brooks
Dave Travis
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