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Lessons Learned From The COVID Crisis
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4C Leadership - Lessons Learned From The COVID Crisis
Crises tend to be the training ground for leadership. Wars produce great presidents and prime ministers. Oppression becomes the breeding ground for liberators and activists. Troubled times seem to be the harvest season for greater leaders and leadership.

This is not the least coincidental—adversity births greatness. People rise to their best when trouble comes; and as they arise, they begin to believe that anything is possible. The desperation produced by storms, disease, terrorism, war, and other tragedies produces leaders and leadership strategies. In times of peace—in the absence of traumatic circumstances—leadership principles are essential. But in times of adversity, these principles are beyond important: they carry life-and-death potential.

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We have experienced great training in “peacetime,” but nothing can compare to the lessons learned in “wartime.” 

The beauty of strategies born out of trouble is that they find application at all times. Unfortunately, much of what we learn in peacetime just doesn’t apply in seasons of overwhelming adversity. The principles and strategies—the 4 Cs of leadership—that you learn here will not only give you tools to lead by, but they will remind you that, in the darkest times of your life, you learn what you could not learn otherwise. 

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Powerful word in this book to help one also by their walk in the Kingdom of God. I would recommend reading this book!
Review by lbell
Living at the next level is a great book and a easy read! The seller has a wonderful deal on this book. The shipping was great as well as the quality and condition.
Review by Earl J.
The book written by Bishop Mc Bath is an excellent teaching guide. It tells us how to live at the next level according to the Bible.
Review by Beverly S.

If you are looking to get to the Next Level in your life whether career, personal life, relationships, etc... then this is the book for you for this season of your life. It will be a true blessing to you. It is written from the heart and is as real and true as Bishop McBath always presents himself.

Reviewed by Astrid Z.
Dr. Sam Chand

I can't remember when a book has blessed me so much. God used it to comfort me over and over and to guide me through a difficult life situation. Reading the book helped me to see my circumstance spiritually and encouraged me to keep going. It held my interest to the last page as I looked forward to when I could sneak away and read. My devotion life was revived as I began to desire to meet God in reading this book along with my Bible and prayer. It helped me to surrender my heart to God's will. I can't even explain all that God has done for me with this one book and of course His word. The book is full of the wisdom of the Scriptures. It was truly a light for me in a dark place.

Reviewed by LifeLearner
Benny Perez

You can tell a true man of God, from what he says and how he lives. Living @ the Next Level has given me the strength to continue the fight. Bishop McBath goes into details about his own imperfections, which is rare today. I especially like Chapter 8 "Moving Forward". Too many times, we as children of God get confused with our journey and this book gives a step by step instruction on how to move to that "NEXT LEVEL" with our Creator and in everyday life. Thank GOD for Living @ the Next Level!

Reviewed by Christopher T.
Dave Travis
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