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Uncovering New Paradigms
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Unboxed - Uncovering New Paradigms
God is waiting to empower you to shed the shackles of longstanding personal limitations so you can become an authentic change-agent for Him in this world. The problem is, most of us are artificial by choice. We approach life as if we're trying to become the best mediocre version of ourselves that we can be! We "package" ourselves neatly into boxes that define who we think we are.

This prophetic call for personal change bids you first to accept the biblical truth about who God says you are, then to think bigger, take action, destroy your box, and create life changes that empower you to live every day unboxed. You don't have to settle for being an artificial when you're been created authentic by design! Answer the call, accept the invitation, embrace the challenge, and live Unboxed!

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Why live like an artificial when you were designed to be an original?

That's the theme international ministry leader and innovative entrepreneur Martijn van Tilborgh unpacks as he delivers this no-compromise challenge for us to become "unboxed." His premise? God is waiting to empower you to shed the shackles of longstanding personal limitations so you can become an authentic change-agent for Him in this world.

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This excellent message and clear teaching is in total harmony with what God is speaking to me.
Review by Erik E.
Martijn challenges the boxes we have created in ministry and leadership through our “church” paradigm. He brings us back to the kingdom mindset we need in order to be most effective in our worlds. His heart is to shake leaders and ministries out of their limitations by showing us God’s perspective on these issues so we can accomplish the best for our King. Unboxed maps out a journey every ministry needs to take.
Review by Shaun S.
In the day and time in which we live, we who call ourselves Christians cannot afford to be in a “box”! It’s time to get unstuck and bust down the walls. The wisdom Martijn offers here will certainly give guidance and encouragement on how to do so! There is much to do. We can no longer afford to stay in the box!
Review by Jack H.

Tomorrow's church looks and feels much different from yesterday's church. The message remains unchanging; however, the methods are ever growing and adjusting to futuring realities. In Unboxed, Martijn van Tilborgh challenges you to be curious about the future, and become an explorer to discover new lands and fresh opportunities. Unbox yourself, your leaders, and your church.

Sam Chand
Dr. Sam Chand

Unboxed is a book every church leader needs to get and read. Your old way of thinking and doing will be challenged so that you can break out of the old and into the new.

Benny Perez
Benny Perez

We can learn great lessons from points of personal pain. If we are wise, we can also learn from another's pain if they share those lessons with us. In Unboxed, Martijn shares with us not only lessons from pain but also how God has worked in his life to show him how to turn those lessons into kingdom advance. I encourage you to use this practical, hope-filled account to benefit your own life and work.

Dave Travis
Dave Travis

Once in a blue moon there are books that come along that stop me in my tracks. Unboxed is one of those books. I couldn’t stop reading it. This is more than a book; it’s a paradigm shift that will reprogram the GPS of your organization’s future. Get ready to highlight; underline; and, most importantly, move into action. If you been boxed in long enough, then this is your invitation to get unboxed once and for all.

Simon T. Bailey
Dave Travis
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